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Light Blonde Hair Sample

Omg!!! I'm so excited that Laura (Ann) made this leap! She's so unbelievably talented, and it's about time she opened her own salon. The salon, (even though she said it still needs a lot of work) is STUNNING. It's elegant yet welcoming. Ann spent many years working in a private salon suite. I love that she kept the salon staff to only three chairs. I still get the feeling of being somewhere exclusive and private. The fact that no one there "double books" themselves is also refreshing. I like knowing that I'm paying for her time, and it's solely focused on just me, while I'm in her chair. Ann's (Laura) work itself is always on point. She always listens to what I say. I've never left with something I didn't ask for, more length cut off then I was expecting... You get where I'm going. She's top notch! The other stylists, seem to be pretty amazing too!

Jennifer T

Hair Dying

– “I’ve been going to see Ann (Laura) for over a year and a half. I have showed her pics of colors and styles that I’ve wanted to do and she has always been able to make it happen! She has always gone above and beyond. Everytime I leave her chair, my hair looks amazing and I feel beautiful when I walk out the door!”

Crystal T. 

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